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Domestic Violence

Morristown Attorneys Handling Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence charges immediately create urgent legal and personal issues for both parties. For the
accuser, safety is at stake, and that includes the safety of minor children. For the
accused, the threat of a criminal record, the loss of the right to own weapons and the loss of the right to enter the home can quickly become a reality.

At the family law firm of
Laufer Dalena Cadicina Jensen & Boyd, in Morristown, we have helped hundreds of families, domestic partners and others cope with domestic violence and domestic violence charges. Our
lawyer team is committed to excellence when handling each case, and our commitment is demonstrated by numerous peer recognitions, including:

  • Two of our firm’s attorneys were named New Jersey Super Lawyers*
  • Three of our firm’s attorneys were named New Jersey Rising Stars**
  • Firm founder William Laufer is recognized as one of the Top 100 in the state by Super Lawyers*

If you face domestic violence charges or are the victim of domestic violence or abuse,
we can help.

If you have questions regarding domestic violence, contact a firm with answers and a track record of success. Call Laufer Dalena Cadicina Jensen & Boyd at

Unlike most family law-related legal issues, domestic violence involves criminal charges. Your lawyer’s trial skills are therefore highly important.

Often, family law practitioners have never seen the inside of a courtroom. Our lawyers are different. At Laufer Dalena Cadicina Jensen & Boyd, our family law attorneys are all experienced trial lawyers. We are ready to immediately investigate evidence, interview witnesses, advocate for your rights and make the case for your version of events before the court.

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For questions regarding domestic violence and restraining orders, contact our firm. We accept MasterCard and Visa, are available for evening and weekend appointments and charge reasonable rates. Our offices are conveniently located one-half block from the Morristown Green. To
contact us, call 973-813-7667.

*New Jersey Super Lawyers* is based on a statewide survey of lawyers. Those eligible to participate include lawyers who have been in practice for at least five years.

** New Jersey Rising Stars is published yearly in New Jersey Monthly and in New Jersey Super Lawyers* — Rising Stars Edition, which is mailed to more than 33,000 New Jersey attorneys.












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  • Michelle Benedek Barone

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