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Dissolution of Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships

Navigating Changes in the Law of Civil Unions

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Civil unions in New Jersey have been legal only since February of 2007. However, our family law attorneys have long been committed to keeping current on this important area of the law and its predecessor area of domestic partnerships.

At the family law firm of Laufer Dalena Cadicina Jensen & Boyd, in Morristown, we have helped numerous New Jersey couples dissolve both civil unions and domestic partnerships.

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Domestic partnerships and — to an even greater degree — civil unions involve the issues and laws pertaining to marriage. Indeed, the civil union statute specifically states that laws that apply to marriage apply to civil unions.

Both domestic partnerships and civil unions therefore can involve issues like property division, child support, child custody and child support. Our attorney team is experienced in helping both opposite and same-sex couples dissolve their union or partnership, and has published several articles regarding same-sex marriage, providing clients with valuable legal information. If you need help, or have questions, regarding dissolving your civil union or domestic partnership, we can help.

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